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Travel Arrangements

EPA students are required to make their own arrangements for their flights to and from Europe. If students plan on traveling in Europe before the start of the program or are planning to arrive at the Program Site before the start date, they will be responsible for finding housing until the program begins. All students, except those studying in Germany, must arrive at their city of study by the day the program begins. All students attending a program in Germany will begin in Bonn with a two week orientation where they are housed in a hotel provided by EPA.

It is up to you to make sure that you understand the airline’s requirements for number of baggage items allowed, size and weight restrictions, and the rules concerning items that are allowed in carry-on or checked baggage, reconfirmation of flights, etc. Most airlines provide this information on their websites, and of course will be happy to answer questions on the phone if anything is unclear.

All students except those going to Germany will need to apply for a visa before going abroad. Normally, this process cannot be started until 90 days before the program begins.

Travel and Property Insurance

Student travelers should have insurance to cover any loss of money because of trip interruption or cancellation, as well as loss of baggage and other property while traveling or living in overseas. In addition, we recommend that students consider purchasing personal liability insurance against injury or damage caused by or resulting from students’ acts or omissions during enrollment in any program.

EPA Internships in Europe is not liable for damage or loss of personal property. Contact your insurance agent regarding property insurance.