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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness


Medical Insurance 

Check your health insurance coverage to find out if you will be covered during your stay abroad, and whether any special conditions apply. Be sure you know how this system works: how bills are paid, in the case of a medical emergency, and how to access routine treatments.

Should you require medical attention abroad, it ill be necessary for to have sufficient cash on hand to make payment at the time of treatment since the foreign physician and/or hospital may not be able to process medical bills through an American insurance company.


If you need prescription medication, make sure that you have a sufficient supply to last while abroad, or a plan for how to get refills while you are away. It is often easiest to request a vacation size refill from the insurance company and have the larger prescription filled before leaving the United States. Remember that in foreign countries the exact prescription may not be available, and the mailing regulations may make it difficult to get a package containing medical prescriptions through customs. (Be sure to keep a copy of your prescription in a safe place in the US and abroad.)

EPA Health and Special Needs Form

EPA welcomes applications from all students. Once accepted, the process of facilitating appropriate accommodation for students with special needs can begin. EPA will respond as to how the accommodations can be met, so that the student can make an informed decision as to whether the accommodations will be appropriate.

It is important to be honest when filling out the health questionnaire and the special needs form in the EPA acceptance packet. Studying abroad is a wonderful experience, but it is often challenging both intellectually and emotionally. If there are any emotional or mental health issues that may be a concern while abroad, letting the program director know in advance is important. We also highly recommend that students speak with their care providers to make plans for continued service and for emergenies while abroad.

*Please keep in mind that while funding options will be discussed, it is the student's responsibility to pay for all costs associated with extra services.