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Interning Abroad

Interning Abroad vs. Studying Abroad

Have you decided you want to go abroad? Maybe you have heard some amazing stories from friends who have spent time off-campus, maybe you want to improve your foreign language skills, or maybe you want to enrich your undergraduate education with something different.  If you know that you want to go abroad, the first question you need to answer is whether you want to study, intern or volunteer abroad.

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Traditional Programs

If you want to continue with classes, then a traditional study abroad program might be the answer.  There are hundreds of programs available, and you will need to narrow down the choices based on location, type of program offered, cost, and whether you can obtain credit from your home institution (if that is necessary).  
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Interning and Volunteering

If you are looking for something a bit different, you might want to consider interning or volunteering abroad.  Working in a foreign country puts something very unique on your résumé that helps you stand out from others when job-hunting after graduation.  Studies have shown that internships often lead to future employment.  By working in a foreign country instead of just studying in it, you also become more integrated in the culture because your colleagues are locals, and you learn about how organizations work in other countries.  Foreign language skills can also be significantly strengthened with many more hours of practice per week than you would get simply by attending your foreign language classes and by interacting occasionally with the locals you meet.

Combine Interning with Studying Abroad

Taking a semester off of classes to work or volunteer isn't always possible, or even desirable, for everyone. Some schools do not give academic credit for internships, and working full-time might make it harder to get back in the rhythm of classes when you get back home. A combination of study abroad and working in an internship is ideal for many students, as it allows you to continue with your coursework and gain valuable work experience simultaneously. There are many programs that offer both study and internship components, but it is important to consider the structure of these programs before making a decision. Many are traditional study abroad, with the optional "add-on" of an internship, if you qualify. Some programs are also predominantly study abroad but with a much shorter internship component during the program.

EPA Internships in Europe

is one of the very few programs where your time is evenly split between classes and the internship for an entire semester, and the internship is a guaranteed part of the program.  We were one of the first organizations to set up internships for American students in Europe over forty years ago, so the internship is the central focus in our program.  We carefully search for internships and find appropriate placements for our students before they arrive in the foreign country, so you know you will have gained a wonderful international work experience by the end of the program.

Deciding to study abroad can be an overwhelming decision, much like choosing a college.  However, with a little bit of research and some soul-searching, you can find a program that fits your needs.  Ultimately, the experience will be what you make of it.  As one of the pioneer organizations in this field, we know how to help students maximize this life-changing experience. Please do not hesitate to contact EPA Internships in Europe if we can be of assistance.

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